Season 2019

Pantomime - In Rehearsal

The Derwent Valley Players annual Christmas pantomime for all the family

Possibly Aladdin

A number of (small) parts still need to be filled. If you are interested or would like to find out more, call the Director, Roz Chapman on 6261 2888 or watch our facebook page for rehearsal information. We can be found on facebook by searching "derwent valley players".

Also, the normal set build team will not be available this year, so if you have carpentry skills and would like to apply these to the stage environment, just turn up to one of the pantomime rehearsals. Designing and building stage sets can be challenging and interesting. Some of the main considerations in the design include:

  • fit for purpose (serve the Director's requirements) For example, a door that must open/close versus a window that can be painted in.
  • provide the appropriate appearance once painted and with appropriate lighting
  • light (not heavy) and use minimal materials (to keep costs down)
  • able to be moved and stored between scenes (able to be split-up/collapsed if necessary)
  • safe and not present unnecessary hazards

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